Link fleet

We use MEGA and MEGA BDE trailers to render transportation services. Every LINK trailer is equipped with a Novacom telematics system, which inter-operates with the on-board computer of the trailer (EBS), enabling an overview of the current position and mileage of the trailer, as well as the approximate weight of the cargo. Thanks to these solutions, we effectively scale these elements, which makes it possible to improve financial effectiveness and safety.

MEGA trailer


100m³ of available carriage area and 3m of interior height allow for effective carriage of light cargo with high volume (e.g. packages, insulating materials). At the same time, thanks to the standard weight limit up to 24t, they allow for transport of cargo such as steel, paper or automotive.

An extendable canvas cover as well as a raised roof enable quick loading and unloading and optimal utilization of the loading area. A mesh-reinforced cover (EN12642 code XL) along with a durable front wall and stanchion plugs provide improved safety of the carried cargo and allow for transport of cargo such as steel or tires (DEKRA Certification) and high, often stackable pallets.


The MEGA BDE trailer fulfills all criteria of MEGA curtain trailers. What is more, thanks to the ability to open the back portal of the trailer during loading, the available loading area can be utilized in full. The MEGA BDE trailer is dedicated for, above all, transporting products from the household goods industry, because it enables loading of a larger quantity of cargo.

Equipment of our trailers

  • Anti-slip mats
  • Cargo belts + buckles
  • Beam anchors
  • Angle sections
  • Aluminium boards
  • Perforated boards 
  • Multi-lock System
  • Stanchions plug

Both the type and quantity of the elements used for protecting cargo are adjusted to individual needs every time, in terms of safety procedures and our clients’ preferences.

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